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Environmentally Conscious Production

Few would challenge the reality and implications of global warming on our planet. But at the same time, continual technological advances in areas such as computing and physical materials offer us a chance to frequently evaluate their potential, and consider doing things in a more efficient, environmentally conscious way. In both Global and technological terms, the world is literally changing before our eyes.

It’s far too easy to say ‘we already do this’. To tick the correct environmental box. What is more difficult, is to ask ‘Could we do more?’ We consider, in general, the answer is always yes.  It sounds dramatic, but we owe it to the next generation to continually question our methodology and practises.

As a company, we regularly have to have a stern look in the mirror, extrapolate our footprint and examine, at a macro-level, how our processes impact the environment.

As far as the CSR attributes of PROCENTEC products. We aim to source our component parts from Dutch or other EU manufacturers.  Where possible, we try to use recycled plastics. Final products and components are assembled and in-house laboratory in Wateringen.

We ship our components all over the world but always strive to send as environmentally conscious as possible. Packaging is always recyclable. We take great care to make sure shipments are routed in the most efficient way possible to reduce our footprint.